Aroma Architecture


Rejuveron Life Sciences

An office design that conveys corporate values and promotes culture


Conversion into an inspiring open office with different ways of working


The Swiss biotech company Rejuveron specialises in prolonging healthy life in old age. Therefore, the Bio-Technopark in Schlieren-Zurich is the ideal company headquarters, but the closed, white rooms did not correspond to the young, innovative corporate culture.

The existing room division was broken up and divided into two open office areas with 18 fixed workstations, 8 hot desks and homely inspiring collaboration zones. The lighting and colour concept further supports the room division. The individual wood furnishings - produced in the Aroma workshops - blend perfectly into the space.

Light dividing elements towards the corridor and the workplaces not only serve as screening, but are also used as storage and presentation areas, for greenery and as seating niches. The newly created common rooms promote spontaneous exchange beyond the departmental boundaries. Thanks to the additionally installed kitchen, informal get-togethers are possible.

Longest living animals for inspiration

The 300 square metre office space incorporates five meeting rooms and Quite Booths, which have been specially designed. Each room is dedicated to an animal with an exceptionally high life expectancy to tie in with the research area: Immortal Jellyfish, Lake Sturgeon, Bowhead Whale, Greenland Shark and Galapagos Tortoise.

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«Our team is thrilled: the different working possibilities and the room design correspond to our working culture. The Aroma Architecture team has done a great job.»

Matthias Steger, Co-Founder & CEO Rejuveron Life Sciences