From real to virtual event

Even in times like these, we want to inspire you; from home office to home office, so to speak. Today on the subject of digital events.

Since March, we have been finding new ways for our customers to stay in touch with their target group despite cancelled or postponed trade fairs and events. Our versatile graphic designer Vera, a private member of the organizing committee of the Designathon, was also looking for new possibilities for the heart event. 

Everything was ready for the Designathon: Around 100 people interested in design were expected on a weekend in June to work in teams to explore new ideas and approaches. The event will now take place at the end of the year. In order to enable a lively and inspiring exchange among the participants, online formats are available. 

The result is a three-part, digital workshop series, because online is not immediately offline. What to consider among other things:

  • The screentime is already very high for many participants. It is unrealistic to additionally bring them in front of the screen for 16 to 20 hours on two subsequent days. It is therefore advisable to spread such a program over several days of two to three hours each.
  • Breaks are also important in digital workshops and meetings, if not more important than offline: The uninterrupted view of the screen quickly tires the eyes and has a negative effect on the ability to concentrate.
  • Define the rules right at the beginning: Are the microphones to be muted during a speech? When is the time for requests to speak? How can participants signal approval or rejection? Hand signals are particularly suitable for this purpose.
  • In addition to the main room, various digital rooms are available for breaks and informal exchanges or for working on a topic in smaller groups.
  • Stay in movement online too: While we move through rooms at offline events, an online event limits us to a sitting position. Why not offer an online yoga class during the lunch break?

For those who want to make a quick decision: On Saturday, 9 May 2020 the 3rd digital event "The Power of Systems - From You for You" will take place.

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H2H Vera