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Aroma prevailed in the pitch process and, together with the health insurance company, created a typical Bündner shop window experience. The easily scalable touchpoints are now being continuously implemented - the first works can already be seen in Schaffhausen.


Aroma combined the forces of Aroma Creative and Aroma Productions, resulting in a complete in-house solution for the entire creative process, including production of screen locations, prints and installation. A striking feature of this implementation is the fusion of digital content and traditional storefront design. The concept includes the integration of brand messages and campaign spots directly into the window surfaces. The modular design system offers a design solution that can be tailored to different window formats and locations. Depending on the region, the window display is adorned by a characteristic mountain massif. For example, the Piz Bernina, the highest mountain in Graubünden, lends a local charm. The red frame at all touchpoints forms the connecting element.