A consistent Swisscom brand experience: from major B2C events to B2B congresses


Live Experience Playbook

Context-related brand orchestration

Swisscom is represented as organiser and partner at numerous events of various sizes: From B2C events such as concert series or snow sports events to B2B specialist conferences and congresses.

Each event has its context, its own objectives and a specific target group. A credible brand staging takes into account the event environment, knows the customer needs and at the same time strengthens its own image.

The developed playbook is structured according to objectives and experience categories. It contains recommendations on how to design exciting brand presentations that anchor the Swisscom brand in the minds of visitors and provide inspiration. Furthermore, the creation process is defined and spatial guidelines and design principles are explained. Finally, the modular and scalable furniture catalogue is illustrated.

"Close cooperation between our internal specialists and branding and live com agencies has produced a valuable tool for creating consistent brand presentations that can be adapted to the context throughout the Group," says Andrea Meier, Head of Partnership & Live Experiences Swisscom, about the aim of the project.

The Live Experience Playbook is part of the digital Swisscom branding platform.

Swisscom Playbook 06
Swisscom Playbook 12
Swisscom Playbook 13
Swisscom Playbook 07
Swisscom Playbook 01
Swisscom Playbook 08
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Swisscom Playbook Teaser
Swisscom Playbook 10

"The Playbook helps us manage our live experience in a targeted manner and strengthen brand loyalty."

Pascal Frey, Creative Director Brand & Strategy Swisscom