Deeds not words

We take responsibility and constantly examine - yesterday, today and in the future - our actions in relation to the environment and our stakeholders. In addition to an embedded awareness in the corporate culture, sustainability does not only require renunciation and compensation, but also innovative approaches and implementations.


ISO certification

That is why we had ourselves certified in April 2023 on the basis of the ISO standard 20121 - Event Sustainability Management Systems. With this, we are not only committing ourselves to a resource-saving future, but also to modern corporate management. With the introduction, we are visibly and measurably doing more.

The sustainability strategy is designed for the years 2023 to 2026 and is dedicated to the core topics of ecology, profitability and society.

Ecological sustainability


Emissions and CO2 compensation

Aroma has been deliberately at home in the NŒRD creative commercial building since 2011. It bears the SIA award Umsicht Regards Squardi 2013. The electricity supply, for example, is from 100% renewable energies. The building is connected to district heating: All thermal energy for building heating and hot water is sourced from the nearby Hagenholz waste-to-energy plant. We will also reduce our electricity consumption by 25% by 2026 and offer customers a compensation programme for events and festivals.

In addition, the V.E.P. Zone (very ecological person) is once again an integral part of festivals this year. Not only do we provide incentives for visitors to reduce their energy consumption, but the organisers are also committed to a sustainability charter.

Material consumption

Global resource consumption is growing with negative consequences for the environment and society. The circular economy is the key to reducing the demand for resources. We want to use raw materials efficiently and keep them in circulation for as long as possible. That is why we are already using reusable system base plates in advertising technology, for example, and reducing the consumption of non-reusable PVC sheet material by 50% by 2026 (compared to 2019).

«As an owner-managed company, this is where our roots are. What began as a one-man business almost 30 years ago should also be sustainable in and for the future.»

Lukas Meier, Founder I Entrepreneur

Waste and waste management

It is undisputed that temporary performances and events are associated with waste. That is why we attach great importance to re- and upcycling. As far as possible, we design temporary structures so that they can be reused as a whole or in parts. On the one hand, through modular construction, and on the other hand, through the use of materials that allow for multiple use. We make residual material available to the Off-Cut association.

This topic is a matter close to our hearts. That's why we already held the Zero Waste Festival in 2018 and showed that waste can be reduced to 0.6% compared to the average. We consistently check our customer projects for their sustainability potential. This is also the case at the largest automobile trade fair in Switzerland, Auto Zürich, where carpets are deliberately no longer laid and the stand modules are used several times. 

We will also reduce non-recyclable waste by 20% by 2026 (compared to 2019).

Transport and logistics

Most of the time we produce tailor-made visual performances for our clients in our workshops. The transport of material to the venue is one of the biggest sources of emissions. We are already striving - from an ecological and economic point of view - to make the best possible use of our transport routes. We can do more: By 2026, we will reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by 25% (compared to 2020) and change our vehicles (Euro 6 standard) to electric vehicles or alternative drives by 2030.

Economic sustainability


Sustainability as a success factor

Events, especially large events, have a negative image due to ecological factors such as waste, noise and energy consumption. Nevertheless, they create added value from an economic and social perspective because they bring people together and support regional value chains. The challenge now is to reconcile the three sustainability dimensions of ecology, economy and society and to promote the sustainability potential of events through innovative approaches.

By positioning ourselves as a responsible partner, we create trust. We therefore develop the potential to implement an event as sustainably and successfully as possible. Our goal is to show our clients how their event can be implemented sustainably through optimal planning and how they can derive increased added value from it.

To this end, we have been successfully using rental equipment for several years, designing modular brand presentations for our clients and offering them a comprehensive equipment service. In the concept phase, CO2 compensation proposals for customer events are integrated. Optimising production is also one of our tasks. In addition, we will organise events according to binding sustainability criteria.

«Creative concepts bring brands and people together and ensure lasting memory and loyalty. We are aware that resources for this are limited and act accordingly.»

Roger Stämpfli, Executive Creative Director | Partner




We operate as locally as possible and as globally as necessary. With our own workshops and vehicle fleet in Zurich Oerlikon as well as our four office locations, we stand up for a sustainable and future-oriented Swiss economic area. We are also an active member of various industry associations - local, national and international - and are committed to their high standards and principles. Furthermore, our employees and the next gen are our most valuable resource. That is why the satisfaction of our employees is a central concern.

«The a team is our most valuable asset and that is why we design our working relationships as long-term relationships.»

Alexander Hauri, CFO | Partner


From recruitment to leaving, we design the process as a Love Journey and we focus on diversity, respect and inclusion. That is why, for example, we have been certified with Fair Compensation since 2022, offer various internal training opportunities with the aCampus format and promote individual development. As an apprenticeship company, we accompany ten individuals to a professional qualification and offer internships for various professional groups and courses of study. The fact that 11% of those who left the company in the last 10 years have returned to Aroma proves that we are successfully fulfilling our responsibility.

We are committed to building long-term, transparent partnerships with our employees and therefore continue to invest in the future for a positive work culture and a motivated working environment. With various measures such as external and internal training, we will prepare employees for future challenges and keep them fit for the labour market, as well as offer development opportunities. Measures such as feedback from surveys, the number of participants in training programmes and social events or absence management are our indicators.


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Eugen Brunner

Eugen Brunner
CEO und Managing Partner

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Sandro Hunziker
Head of IT and Purchasing


Since its foundation, the company's policy has been in line with sustainable development. To this end, we want to identify, anticipate and act on areas of tension at an early stage.

Eugen Brunner, CEO | Partner