Aroma Creative


Pancreas Clinic Switzerland

Development of the brand identity for the repositioned clinic


A new naming and an unique corporate design


The Swiss Pancreas Centre has become the Pancreas Clinic Switzerland. Aroma Creative supported the relaunch with a new corporate design.

The Pancreas Clinic Switzerland in Bern is a highly specialised and globally renowned clinic in the field of pancreatic diseases. The new image and text emphasise the clinic's competence and at the same time its closeness. For the team led by Prof. Dr. med. Kaspar Z'graggen, the well-being and quality of life of the patients is in the foreground every day.

Creative process

Pankreas Klinik Schweiz
Pankreas Klinik Schweiz
Pankreas Klinik Schweiz
Pankreas Klinik Schweiz

Corporate Design and Art Direction: Aroma AG | Webdesign and Programming: mutoco AG, Arillo GmbH |  Illustrations: Stünzi Visualisierung GmbH | Photos people: Phil Wenger Photography GmbH | Photos architecture: brügger architekten ag

"Aroma succeeded in conveying the highly complex medical topic in an understandable way and our positioning in a tangible way."

Nathalie Weber, Pancreas Clinic Switzerland