A new exhibition stand concept that conveys the many strengths of HPL panels


Open stand construction with segmented information desks

Argolite AG

Argolite is the only Swiss manufacturer of HPL, the high-end material of laminates. The possible applications, variety of decors and surface structures make HPL a versatile material for facades, interior design and furniture manufacture.

The newly designed "Argofant", around 5 metres high and made of different HPL panels, is the eye-catcher at Swissbau and is symbolic of the material's impact resistance, robustness and durability. The idea development, drawing and planning took place at Aroma in Zurich, the elephant was tested and built in Heiden and then travelled on to its big performance in Basel.

On the touchscreen next to the 3D Argofant model, application examples and product characteristics for each HPL panel are shown. Material samples are arranged thematically grouped on high tables and clearly show the various possible applications.

The entire construction is robust and durable. All stand elements - from the Argofant to the process wall - are used by Argolite, Aroma or other partners.

Argolite Bild Medium 3
Argolite Bild Medium 4
Argolite Bild Medium 5
Argolite Bild Medium 6