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In order to create positive experiences, companies must embed human behaviour in the centre of their activities. Understanding customer behaviour adds value in interactions Design. Gerhard Fehr, behavioural economist and owner of Fehr Advice, on brands in digital space.
Gerhard, is Apple still regarded as role model in the context of identity-creating brands?

In Switzerland, Migros is top of identity-creating brands, not Apple. Migros has managed to build up a value base over the past 40 years with which the average Swiss person can identify strongly. The basic question of a brand is: "is relationshipable?". Is the company prepared to give something without immediately getting anything back? Everyone who has entered into relationships in their life knows: it is the basis.


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Giving, not just taking. Not only in interpersonal relationships, but also as a brand strategy. (Picture: Unsplash)

What has happened since brands started presenting themselves in digital spaces?

In digital spaces there are certain basic principles to be successful. However, most companies are analog, unless they are a digital only company like Amazon. We only live analogue. There is no digital life. We may be in digital spaces, but real life is analogue. Only the combination of digital and analogue spaces, as they complement and support each other, leads people optimally through the company.

Now Amazon is also opening analogue shops. Is that just a commercial stunt?

No, I think if Amazon wants further growing, it will be crucial to implement analog rooms.


There are certain products and services to buy analogously only - all trusted goods are difficult to compare, such as food. These goods can only be successfully in digital market, they must be also offert analogously. Experience spaces must be able to be experienced analogously.

Do visiting analogue rooms also satisfy a need for a marketplaces?

Why do people go to a marketplace? We've analysed that: they don't go there because of the abundance of offers, but because it has ambience, because they can try products and at the same time meet colleagues and to gossip. We humans are social beings and want to come together. And in the digital worlds, I am primarily alone.

Buying the souvenir of the experience?

Yes, the souvenir, the symbol. Simply opening an online shop is useless. If you have no commitment because of so many offers in the digital world, there is no reason to visit the online shop.


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Shopping as a souvenir of the experience. (Picture: Unsplash)


We thank Gerhard Fehr for this interview.Fehr Advice is partner enterprises of Aroma and creates sustainable solutions for important questions of our time with evidence-based knowledge about human behaviour. You can access the digital Behavioral Economics Community here: Digital HUB.


Gerhard Fehr
Gerhard Fehr: «The question is: how can I create online experience in combination with the analogue worlds - this is the exciting challenge of this time.» 


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